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About Dr. Green
Dr. Green graduated from IU Dental School in 1972. He enlisted in the US Army Dental Corps while in school and was stationed in Okinawa for 3 years — just missing Vietnam War by one month. Dr. Green taught at IU Dental school from 1975 to 1980 while also practicing in Brownsburg. In 1980 he started his practice full time in Frankfort and performed traditional dentistry until 1993 when a patient, Wayne Cox, showed him the dangers of mercury. Thus he began his present day ‘mercury free-mercury safe’ practice, which has evolved into todays biological/holistic care with alternative and biocompatible services as an adjunct to contemporary dental care.

Dr. Green is trained and skilled in proper removal techniques of amalgam fillings. He is opposed to water fluoridation and routine treatment of children with topical fluoride. Dr. Green also believes root canals can have far-reaching health effects upon the body and must be monitored closely. Periodontal care is observed closely for this same reason. His approach has always been biological with an emphasis on how the mouth relates to the whole body. Dr. Green is also a licensed acupuncturist.

Dr. Green has been treating temporomandibular joint problems since 1990. He has developed a highly successful system for those who suffer from different kinds of craniomandibular disorders. His patients often tell him how life altering it is to finally be pain free. Treatment for TMJ problems are performed at Dr. Lau’s Pendleton office.

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